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If you drive a car to the north along the East Sea Road from Pohang Station, you will see the high mountains on your left and the East Sea on your right. Jukjang-myeon, Buk-gu of the city of Pohang, where Apple Farm House is located, is situated at a high altitude and there is Gyeongsangbuk-do arboretum in which the sky and mountains are said to meet. This is a high altitude clean area where soil and climatic conditions are suitable for apple production and apple cultivation is very active in here. The building owner is a couple who is three years away from their retirement and plans to grow apples after their retirement here in their hometown. They have already planted apple trees on weekends for 4 years ago, built cold warehouses, and finally made their first harvest last year. In the meantime, they lived in a temporary container on weekends, but as young grandchildren living in the city came to visit frequently, they put forward the plan of building house that was planned two years later. View more View full description
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