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Yu Ting, the Principal Architect at Wutopia Lab, explains: "I insist on the establishment of a dual relationship in the design, me and the artist, Isozaki and me, my old project and new one, the surrounding buildings and artist's house, artists’ paintings and residence, all these information leads to Plain house. Artist Li Bin has two studios. The first and the second studios, respectively, are designed by Isozaki and Wutopia Lab. Li wanted the renovation to shift the living functions from the first studio to the second studio. The first studio has now been repurposed as his own museum, while the second studio has been converted into his house, a painter's house. A bridge connects these two spaces. In addition to a garage, tea room, and living room which contains the kitchen and the dining room, the first floor includes two storage spaces for his works. On the second floor there are “his” and “hers” bedrooms, a study which can be used as a servant’s quarter, and a work balcony. The bridge connecting the first studio to the second studio begins at a mutual space between the two second floor bedrooms. View more View full description
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