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Bee Breeders have selected winners of the Hong Kong Pixel Homes competition, seeking to address the pressures of expanding populations and urban growth on existing housing markets. The competition asked for solutions which would reconsider our entrenched conventional forms of housing with “formal, technological, and material strategies predicated on modularity and repetition”. In announcing the competition results, the jury applauded the exploration of density, amenity and public/private adjacency in the winning schemes, recognizing their consideration for novel approaches to domestic culture and tradition. The competition winners, including noted ‘Green’ and ‘Student’ schemes, are set out below. First Prize Towers within a Tower: Lap Chi Kwong, Alison Von Glinow, Kevin Lamyuktseung The winning scheme ‘Towers within a Tower’ reimagined the idea of vertical living. Rather than typical stacked apartments, individual units are staggered vertically, establishing a repetitive module for adapted use across Hong Kong. A stepped façade between floors allows for more exposure to natural light, whilst also incorporating circulation and courtyards. View more View full description
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