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The United States’ first mass-timber highrise (defined by Emporis Building Standards as a building with an architectural height of 115-328 feet, or between 12 and 40 floors) has been granted planning permission, allowing construction on the landmark project to begin. Located in downtown Portland, Oregon, the building known as Framework will cap out at 12 floors and approximately 128 feet, ushering in a new era of tall building construction in the US.  The awarding of the building permit follows a stringent Performance-Based Review process that required several tests of the building’s fire, acoustic and structural systems, carried out over several months in 2016. The results of the testing have shown that buildings constructed with mass timber including Cross-laminated Timber (CLT) and Glu-laminated timber (Glulam) can meet, and in some cases outperform, all current fire and life safety standards. View more View full description
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