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On a deep, narrow site in Collingwood, SJB’s Tapestry holds its own amid a variety of building types by directly addressing the myriad elements within its surroundings. Comprising three volumes set at varying depths, creating an effect reminiscent of stacked building blocks, the building’s diverse facades have been united by a single concrete element that wraps right around the building. It’s a singular gesture that consolidates Tapestry’s many parts, and is battened to the lower level. Tristan Wong, director of SJB Architects, notes this element is also functional. “The closer the connection with the ground level, more noise, more interruption occurs. So creating this singular, veiled box, it gives a bit more privacy and to the lower and central lower levels.” Tapestry’s upper-level penthouse is set well back from the street, with deep balconies along the street frontage. The building’s middle section has smaller balconies with moveable metal screens that open and close to let in light and warmth or to create a private outdoor area as required. And the ground lobby area is again set back from the street, allowing room for a jutting block-like letterbox that is at once utilitarian and sculptural. View more View full description
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