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The core of the design stands in “Mountains and Waters, the poetic Chongqing” which highlights the spectacular landscape of Chongqing’s mountains and waters and the humanity features of the city by scripting in an abstract and emotional way. A sales centre as it is, its design features artistic characters and purity more than its functionality. Open | Light Stretch, Close to Nature Site and Strategy In the north of the mountain and south of the Central Park, we try to look for an etheral realm in the city wih the theme of "Floating Realm." Based on the disparties between the building and land areas, it spreads the building on one layer to echo the enormousness of the Central Park. The main entrance is slightly backward. With large waterscape and multi-level green plant, it forms a public open landscape square and a shared city. Determine the basic shape with the crossing angles of the city roads and raise the base for two meters to indicate the presence of the building. Landscape is introduced to get close to nature. View more View full description
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