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Church of Christ in Jixi got support from the church workers of Wenzhou in 2014, and purchased an old silk factory in Zhiyuan village located in the southeast of Jixi city. It became the first holy place where Christian can pray after basic renewal. Since the limited budget, the building never got completely repair. Even it was dangerous, the number of believers was still increasing. After ten years, the Church of Christ decided to tear down the old building and build a new one in 2013. Every believer was willing to devote themselves, and the rebuilding things finally kicked off.  The place is a little cramped. It’s close to hillside in the north, facing the street in the west, separated only by a wall with farmer’s house in the east. It’s the open hill in the south with full of crops. In the distance, it’s the endless mountains of Jixi. The shape of the place is so irregular since its such complicated location. Jixi is located at the Huizhou region where is pretty well done on the protection of Chinese traditional culture. There were so many problems, such as how to make the local culture comply with the religion things, how to accommodate 1000 people and provide accommodation with the aged proposed by the Church of Christ, and how to break the limitation of budget, which brings so many difficulties on the design and rebuilding work.  View more View full description
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