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We were asked to create a multi-use guest pavilion on a relatively small Northern California vineyard lot that could also host sit down dinners for up to 60 people.  We started by asking the key questions:  “Where should it be within the property?”  “How much floor area do we need for a 60 person dinner?” “How much volume do we need for a basketball court?”  We also always tell ourselves to “look at the landscape first, let it dominate and lead it through.”  The building took the form of a large Napa Valley barn. We sited the building along the northern edge of the vineyard lot to take advantage of the open space. The barn was angled in a v-shape to form a tree-sheltered courtyard abutting an open meadow of wildflowers and grasses.  It became a giant Swiss Army Knife. Materials were picked for this hardworking structure that are all low maintenance and will age well within this landscape. Cedar cladding and standing-seam Terne coated steel dominate with red painted doors that echo the agrarian buildings of the Valley.  The interior materials are naturally patterned surfaces:  whitewashed plywood, local native stone fireplace, heated concrete floors, and site-made Douglas Fir roof trusses. View more View full description
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