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Ying Galley’s new location is inside a yard surrounded by two story buildings. Between the yard wall and the buildings there is an ally (28m * 3-3.6m). The ally was for outside maintenance, the landlord added a roof to it and closed it with a door at each end to yield more rental spaces. Cao Chang Di is an art zone near 798 art factory. A mixture of studios, galleries, shops and restaurants is settled here in a combined texture of masonry buildings and light steel glass additions. The lease of the space is five years.  The art district located at city periphery such as Cao Chang Di is under constant transformation as a result of fast paced Chinese urbanization. Many galleries and studios have to change their spaces several years due to rental increase or demolition of buildings when land use policy changes. Under such conditions, the construction cost to be limited around 1000 RMB/㎡. View more View full description
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