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With approximately 16000m² of buildings and 21000m² of exteriors and landscape design, the Rochester School’s Master Plan aimed for a strategy which reflected its own concept of academic community. Thus, as a premise, the HUBS (grouping system) appeared, looking for an educational model that integrate teachers and students disregarding grades and therefore fading out the traditional hierarchy of school formation. Each HUB is configured trough a group of classrooms surrounding a central space known as an “Extended Learning Area” (ELA) which serves as a support area for activities happening inside each classroom. The ELA’s and the classrooms are divided by a folding enclosure that allows a full integration among classroom’s interior and exterior. Through the implementation of this strategy, we were able to provide different alternatives (layouts) for the learning environment to happen. Hence, the traditional learning process occurs inside the classroom, and afterwards students are able to share their experiences in the social space (ELA); where they can also interact in a different setting, and upgrade their group work between teachers and students. View more View full description
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