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The American/Turkish architecture firm Eray Carbajo has unveiled Urban Rural, a new typology of urban living set to become a benchmark for future development in Istanbul, Turkey. The vision behind Urban Rural is for a hybrid model of living, combining close proximity to urban centers with the lush landscape of rural life. Challenging the status quo of typical residential typologies, the scheme will consist of modular hexagonal units with triangular gardens, forming an active façade designed to become a future landmark for the city. The architectural form of Urban Rural is dominated by its unique, hexagonal, modular residential units. Each hexagon unit consists of a polygonal area for living, and a triangular cavity to be used as an irrigable garden. When units are combined, the triangular cavities act as a truss structure, creating an interdependency between building systems, structure, landscape, and aesthetic. Sustainability is central to the scheme, with a combination of locally sourced materials and an efficient component-based modular design enhancing the scheme’s environmental and economic viability. View more View full description
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