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A classic symbol of Swedish cultural heritage reinterpreted with a modern twist – the award-winning bathhouse fulfils a Swedish coastal town’s dream. Situated on a stretch of beautiful coastline in southern Sweden, it is not difficult to imagine why Karlshamn has had a long surviving tradition of bathing in the sea. The only element missing was a bath house, which is the quintessential symbol in Sweden for year round dips in the water. Kallbadhusets Vänner (Friends of the Bath house) is the local organisation and catalyst for the town to receive its first bath house. Together with local sponsors and the municipality, they were able to realise their collective long-time dream of offering a forum for enjoying the sea all year round. The public swimming hall, a well-known local establishment, is in close proximity to Kallbadhus; as a group, they form a truly unique opportunity to swim in an indoor pool, outdoor pool or hopping into the water from the new bathhouse. View more View full description
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