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SB-LAB 2017 - International Conference on Advances in Sustainable Cities and Buildings Development adopted the UN 2030 Agenda on Sustainable Development as the reference for its scope and goals. Proposed topics aim to cover all the Sustainable Development Goals in order to achieve the contribute that architects, engineers, contractors, politics and the construction industry in general may bring to these goals. Innovative solutions are a challenge to the near future that seems to be narrow as local actions have global impacts and global impacts affect locally environment, economic, social and culture. It's a difficult cycle to reverse, that seems to spin ever faster. The construction industry has a global impact on environmental, economic and social conditions of the humans, as it trades and displaces resources around the globe, produce industrial components for construction that consumes primary materials, water and energy resources, gives employment to millions of persons. People displacement makes cities growing and therefore the number of urban inhabitants which increases the potable water and energy use to operate public and private spaces. New settlements of refugees create new problems that no prior experience on such massive human flows difficult to achieve dignity conditions for these inhabitants. Resources extraction destroyed natural regions and therefore lead several species to extinction or being considered in danger. The construction industry is a part of the problem, but if not a part of the solution, actions may be taken to mitigate their impacts on natural environment and also in the inhabitants’ life and social condition. View more View full description
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