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The lot has 3.200m2, with 60 meters of front, with a difference of 8.00 m from one side to the other. Due to customers' demands, an elderly couple with 4 children, the building would have to be eminently single storey and with all the accessibility standards observed (ramp, elevator, accessibility bars in bathrooms, etc). The main functions of the house - social, leisure and intimate - are distributed in a single prismatic volume that fits subtly to the terrain, without touching directly on the ground, through metallic pillars. The service and garage sectors are located below the main volume occupying the emptiness coming from the natural unevenness of the terrain. At the same time as the façades of the volume presents itself as a "closed box" to its surroundings, inside there is a large patio that makes the visual integration of the interiors of the house and allows the entrance of a lot of light to the internal environments. The large pool in reinforced concrete extends into the main volume of the house as a strategy to integrate leisure activities into the social life of the house. View more View full description
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