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The Falcon House challenges the inappropriate, contemporary approach of destroying the native landscape and topography. The upper level hovers gently as a white object, the lower level is a black shadow, in the middle is a thin zone of grey that reminds us that nothing is ever ‘black or white’. The site is opposite a respected surf break called Gueries, named after an early surfer and resident who still lives behind this site and in his youth, repeatedly drove his car down the dunes forming a blow-out that, ironically now provides the best view to the ocean. The Falcon House is a part time dwelling between city and country, a place for the family to gather and share beach time adventures and create precious memories. It hovers above the ground resting precariously on a series of cranked steel columns and brick piers. It is a homage to the rapidly disappearing built heritage of 1950s’ and 60’s weekender houses built with economy, robustness and restraint. View more View full description
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