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The main detonator of the building process was the absolute and urgent need to preserve all the documentary richness of Oaxaca's heritage, which was scattered in many places and on the brink of destruction.   The “Las Canteras” Park, as it is known by Oaxaca’s people, is without any doubt, the ideal location to build the City of Archives. It is a highly symbolic site, because most of the green stone used to build the city of Antequera, as was known the city of Oaxaca under the Spanish rule and which gave the city its proud name of Verde or Green Antequera, came from this site. This fact enriches the site and makes the architectural challenge more transcendent. The building, rising in the middle of the Park, generates the impulse to modify the whole of it (12 hectares) and galvanize the area which is located in the outskirts of Oaxaca City View more View full description
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