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At 85 Championnet there was an empty plot of land, with a plan that was too convoluted to be constructed in a classic way, like the rest of the street, built in the Haussmann era. The rue Championnet is indeed occupied by a long ribbon of Haussmannian facades all more or less identical. The building takes place, leaving empty spaces that, in response to the adjoining courses, create views. The vertical flows are concentrated in a minimum space, glazed and allow a light supply to the landings. The dwelling plans are optimized to minimize traffic and provide the most spacious, available stays. On the facade the building deforms and swells as if to occupy the maximum, to make the space more profitable, to offer the largest possible dwellings. The material of the facade is similar to that of the street. It is a matter of continuing the alignment of the Haussmannian façades on the Rue Championnet as far as the eye can see: To this end, a Haussmannian facade is photographed and reproduced on the panels that cover the facade, in Trespa, with the stone color... View more View full description
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