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The brief for this house in what is often referred to as one of the world’s best winter destinations was straightforward: simple, energy-efficient, maintenance-free. By far the best piece left in a fairly large development of mostly quaint variations of the theme “mountain chalet” (and their to our brief inevitably opposed manifestations), the site added to that straightforwardness: Its asset —unhindered views of the volcano Yotei to the east— dictated the orientation; our nonchalant disinterest in (and consequential avoiding of) the neighboring houses fine-tuned placement. In a world inundated with distractions, the house becomes a simple filter: Shut out the clutter and open up focused views on the serene beauty that lies behind: untouched wilderness all the way up to Mt Yotei. Once we step inside, this concept is more and more evident. A wide entrance extends all the way through the house and onto the terrace, as if to show that the house really is but a gate. As we walk towards the terrace, glimpses of the sky reach us through the stairwell. Main bed and bath room are to the left and right and can be joined to form a suite along the entire east façade. View more View full description
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