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Hyperloop One has revealed images of its full-scale test track, called the DevLoop, for the first time as it prepares for its first public trial later this year. The 500-meter-long (1,640 feet) DevLoop is located in the flat terrain of the Nevada desert, just 30 minutes from Las Vegas. In its final form, the track will extend two miles between launching and receiving points. Hyperloop One is one of several companies attempting to build the pneumatically-driven transportation system dreamt up and endorsed by billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk, and it seems to be leading the pack, with a system already proposed connecting Dubai and Abu Dhabi, and 2 two others in the works for Russia and Finland. The company has been working with Bjarke Ingels Group and McKinsey & Co. to conduct feasibility studies and design user-friendly concepts for the system. View more View full description
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