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KA House is owned by an internationally acclaimed contemporary artist and director.  In addition to his creative endeavors, the artist in question discovered his passion for farming and animal husbandry and decided to explore this passion first by building a house on one of the properties he inherited from his family. He imagined the house both as a private residence he could inhabit while he tended to farming and a kind of sanctuary in which he could concentrate on his art. In doing so, he also envisaged an additional and independent studio/room that could periodically accommodate global intellectuals and academics that would need space to work on a specific project.  Isolated from its surroundings by a dense cluster of trees, the property in question overlooks a spectacular view of Munzır Mountains.  Providing maximum privacy was one of the prerequisites in designing the house, which demanded, by extension, ensuring that the use of the outdoor area and the interior spaces of the house not be visible to local neighbors.   View more View full description
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