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In the context of a fast changing society, holding on to a “lingering imagery” seems to be a difficult effort in keeping up with our daily life. As soon as returning from a trip, we immediately resume our routine before having to reflect upon the journey. Even watching a movie doesn’t provide enough lingering impressions any more, as we are instantly exposed to other stimuli. As such, our lives are becoming a series of short moments.  What about the moments you are back home after work? You do not have a pleasant experience of walking through an alley toward home any more. The experience of arriving at a parking lot, getting off your car, taking an elevator, opening a door and entering your house is a series of short moments that leaves no meaningful memories.  This project is a second house for an elderly couple who plan to go back to Korea after living abroad for a long time. The site is located at the foot of Mt. Toema in Ganghwa-gun, Incheon, which is 1 hour north-westwards from Seoul. A large mountain range hugs the area from afar and a horizontally wide reservoir creates a harmony that can never be felt in downtown Seoul.  View more View full description
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