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The project is located in the district of Colina, next to Chicureo Aerodrome. It consists of the construction of the new facilities for Eagle Copters South America, which is made of administrative offices, customer recreational areas as well as hangars and workshops. The total surface of the project is 10,457 m2, where volumes are distributed in parallel to edges. The central area of the terrain is cleared for free aircraft traffic, while linked to the different designs. Access is formed by the intersection of administrative, recreational and main hangar volumes. Access provides a free area, which enables a complete view of the hangar, central patio and warehouses. The building is made of two different types of structures. The first corresponds to the hangars, made of prefabricated concrete, coated with self-supporting metal plates, which allows dispensing with the inner structure of the hangar, while providing a broader view it. Galvanized metal structures with white drywall finish are predominant in offices located above the main access and conference room. Paving is made of heavy duty porcellanite, which matches the use of the areas. View more View full description
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