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To think of a space destined to house the Blessed Sacrament is to think of a very specific area within a temple, the Sancta Santorum, a place for the encounter with God. If we analyze how these spaces have materialized throughout the history of architecture, we observe a radical importance of geometry and strong directionality. Under these premises, Diego de Siloé will design a new renaissance plant for the cathedral of Granada with the sole objective of being an imposing custody or later Leonardo de Figueroa will do the same with the baroque San Luis de los Franceses. Church repeats in her prayer of Laudes the song of the "Benedictus." The movement of the earth always makes, every hour, in some corner of the world, the night is giving way to clarity and outbreak this prayer. It is the same that, as Luke the Evangelist tells us (Lk 1:78), arose as the praise of the mouth of Zechariah, the father of John the Baptist, when he learned of the next birth of his son, a fact that would change his life, canceling the debt that had left him dumb for his lack of faith. View more View full description
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