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The house is located within a rather chaotic and mixed-scale development made up of houses, with an average height of 2-3 stories. This context defined its withdrawn and introverted character. The house integrates with the natural topography, with its three terraces descending the landscape, being united by the horizontal line of the roof. The sloping terrain causes the gradual increase of the volume, unfolding the entire narrative of the house. Starting from the entrance and low minor premises on the street level, the scale grows bigger in bedrooms and reaches its apex in the spacious living room. The central hall is the core axis that unites all the indoor premises. The overhead opening invites daylight into the house. Open “summer rooms” are extensions to indoor living premises, creating seamless united spaces, visually impenetrable for the neighbors. The summer extension of the living room includes a swimming pool, a lounge, a barbecue place and a sunbathing zone. The levitating wall ensures privacy, focuses the view over certain landscape details and expands the borders of the living space. View more View full description
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