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In honour of its 10th anniversary, the Curry Stone Design Prize will recognize a large group of the world’s most socially conscious and active design practices, in what the Foundation has coined as the Social Design Circle. Over the course of the year, 100 firms will be added to the Circle for their sustainable, socially inclusive and impactful design work, under twelve specific themes. Each month, select firms’ work will be highlighted individually on the Prize’s website, while also featuring on the Curry Stone Foundation’s new podcast, Social Design Insights. The following seven practices were selected for the month of February, in response to the theme “Is The Right to Housing Real?”: Asian Coalition for Housing Rights (ACHR) Established in 1988 in response to evictions prior to the Summer Olympics in South Korea, the Asian Coalition is a group of NGOs, architects, and engineers striving for decent housing for impoverished communities. Viewing housing as a fundamental human necessity, the coalition has worked across 215 cities in Asia to tackle problems faced by communities of all scales, in the face of rapid urbanization. Recent projects include the Asian Coalition for Community Action Program (ACCA), which aids the poor in the management of their own developments, thereby acknowledging design and planning skills possessed by local impoverished communities. View more View full description
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