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In this area located in Bunngotakada city, Oita prefecture in the Kyushu region, the annual average temperature and average humidity exceed the national average, and it can be said that it is a hot and humid area. A lot of rain falls all over the area in the summer season. This house has a single large roof on the volume of one story house. The space beneath the large roof has a maximum length of 20m and a cantilever in 3.5m to extend out the edge of eaves more deeply in L-shape than a typical design. This design was determined for; creating effective shade from the strong daylight of the Kyushu region in the summer season; efficiently providing set back deeply away from the end of eaves for severe rainfalls; and making the inside, outside and in-between spaces of the house more effective as living spaces for outdoor usages and other purposes--considering the requests of the client. View more View full description
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