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Urban amplifier  In 1891 the city of Paris registered this 100-meter passageway, open two years prior on the property of sieur Delessert, between the Rue Pierre Dupont and the Quai de Valmy. On the eastern end lies the Canal Saint-Martin, today an area for strolling and recreation, but in that period a thoroughfare leading to the Bassin de la Villette, the fourth largest industrial port after Marseille, Le Havre and Bordeaux. The activity of the port was intense and traces of it persist in some of the enormous industrial buildings, i.e., the Cité Clémentel, the former power station for the Compagnie d’Air Comprimé, among other more discreet buildings facing the street. The intervention embraces the context as a blend of populations, memories, and activities along with a wide variety of building types in a single area. View more View full description
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