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This is a vacation home project in Karuizawa.  The project site sits on the south of Karuizawa train station, its north side borders on a local street, and the other sides are bounded by the neighbors’ properties.  Before the project started, there was a good view of a neighbor’s villa to the east.  A villa in the south was almost hidden behind the trees.  No building had yet been built on the west side.  An important request from the client was to keep the surrounding buildings out of sight from his home as much as possible.  After examinations of numerous alternative designs, the finished building has a megaphone shape, with its opening facing toward the south. One of the reasons to have chosen this shape has a lot to do with the consideration to the view from the home, as mentioned above.  As a matter of fact, from the beginning, I wanted to investigate a tunnel-like shape with an entrance to the north and the opening to the south. View more View full description
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