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The Bassins à flots are a 162 ha niche site, a high-quality port and manufacturing district for which Bordeaux City Council has development plans. Nicolas Michelin’s instructions are to create a link between the site and the horizon and to build on the metaphor of the factory, warehouses and the navy.  Our project is very industrial in that it is solid, compact and metal-clad. There is the occasional raised element, one 9-storey building jutting up like a periscope. That is what the project is all about: putting together a serene skyline and creating an urban form similar to a village at ground level, with footpaths to maintain a feeling of wilderness. Situated in the north of Bordeaux between the Garonne and the Bordeaux Lake, the Bassins à flot site is an exceptional territory, mainly because of its strong industrial history. “Urban Dock” is a major element of this site and offers its habitants a quality of life. The building synthesises the city’s different aspirations, and forms a tangible link between public space and this particular lot’s private space. View more View full description
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