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Text description provided by the architects.The house located in the 30 000 populated town in 150 km from Moscow. Private houses area in such places is highly diversified. There are absent any rules or limitations, one street can be place for houses build from trash and 3-storey height brick castle from 90-s. Surroundings full of "architecture without architects", everything is always in process: if you need new room you construct it, without any project and with material you have for the moment. Belongings are divided by different generations and woodcarving neighbour with their plastic luxury. How to work with this diversified and often revolting surroundings? Should we make contraposition with order, excellence and proportion, pull out our object from the neighbour and enforce the diversity? We tried to find anotger way to answer this question, making the house from the environment and local techniques, from the "architectural garbage" we see driving to the town: big brick "palaces" from 90-s, wooden DIY-houses, industrial architecture, abandoned buildings. View more View full description
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