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Nara province where the site located has 8 world heritage architectures. So this city has a lot of history. On the other side, the site is located at the center of the industrial residence in Yamatokoriyama city. Surrounding is a special sight with simple and no color factories.  This project is to reform an old kindergarten at that site. We were trying to make a positive kindergarten at such a negative environment. And, by explain the “Factory” where can create stuffs and product things, we made the “Dream and creativity making factory” as our concept. About the surface, by consider the urban landscape, we made the designed that had hard texture feeling like a factory.  At the same time, through the courtyard to set up a lot of greens, to create a soft atmosphere. In order to cultivate the kids’ curiosity.  And about the indoor, the places where usually be hidden were deliberately exposed, to create atmosphere like the factory. At the same time, through the ventilator of the piping made of transparent, and put the propeller inside, so that children can learn how the wind flow. By exposed the pipe of washbasin, let the kids know how the flow of water working inside the drain-pipe  View more View full description
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