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The subterranean Tilt Roof House is set amid peaceful mountains and rice fields an hour east of Seoul in Korea. The house shows our understanding and consideration of "Ki", which is the traditional term for the universal energy that permeates through everything. Tilt Roof House tries to respect the natural energy flow of the existing mountains and celebrates a primal relationship between the experiential qualities of the surrounding nature and a building. By taking advantage of the steep slope around the site, the house blends with the topography and is partially embedded into the ground, while minimizing the excavation of the earth. The roof is tilted to follow the slope of the hill while disappearing into the ground. It is built with careful consideration of construction efficiency and the surrounding nature without disrupting the energy flow. The mass composition of this house is a result of the adaptation of the existing topography line from the north and the parallel line of the adjacent street in the main access area.   View more View full description
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