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House K is located in the town surrounded by mountains. The image is shining white box in which one will live feeling the transition of light and shadow while letting go of their mind. I intended to design interior spaces where one feel natures such as light,wind, and rain. Mixing inner spaces with outer spaces, the spaces respond to the city. Inserting the outer terrace into the white box to bring nature to the inner spaces, light and wind from the terrace go through spaces via T-shaped void. Top light and light from the terrace reflected by the walls pour into the inner spaces. These lights would express transitional beauty.  Putting the terrace between rooms for children and corridors, these spaces have migratory. Corridors around the terrace are like ‘Engawa’, semi-outdoor spaces which are typical Japanese spaces. The terrace extended towards mountains around the site will be a delightful space. In the living room spatially sandwiched between the terrace and the garden, providing the view of trees and the sky feeling various light. View more View full description
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