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Sited in the 1930’s era neighborhood known as F.Q. Story, the Escobar Renovation represents the character and flavor of one of very few areas in the young city of Phoenix, Arizona that can be called historic.  The majority of the 602 homes that comprise this neighborhood still retain the varying architectural styles that make this district unique.  Homes in this area are distinctly smaller than today’s average homes.    The Escobar Renovation is a renovation to an existing home whose architectural style can be categorized as having an English Tudor style.  With the exception of a small storage closet, this home has largely remained untouched for nearly 100 years.  As a result, the spaces of the home served a very different need indicative of that era.  The existing 1,100 square foot (SF) house was separated into many different spaces each being closed off from one another.  Codes and guidelines mandated by the City of Phoenix required that any new work to the exterior maintain the character of the historic qualities of this home and neighborhood.   View more View full description
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