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We are students of architecture, who put our heads together to rethink the way people live their fast and stressful lives. Today we witness a perpetual evolution of new technologies in the fast forward moving world. It is a never-ending story of daily pressure and continuous deadlines. We were thinking about a way to escape from our stressful lives and to get back to our roots. We believe people will find the break they need by bringing the nature back.  We had a dream to design the shelter to the last detail. Our dream became reality, while we crafted ARK by ourselves, what we managed with few carpenter friends, to whom we are thankful for their patience. Minimalistic design of AKR does not have any ambition to stand out, but wants to merge into the landscape. Shelter provides the ability to enjoy nature by becoming part of it, directing all attention to the open view. Our furniture is designed uniquely for the shelter and crafted from the same wood as used for the walls, floor and ceiling. We keep simple elegance high in our standards.  View more View full description
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