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How an intermediate housing project inherited the ambitions of a cohousing project. The intermediate housing project developed by the KARAWITZ agency now comprises 23 flats, a restaurant, a garden and a parking lot. It was built for OGIF, a property developer specialising in intermediate housing. One of the particularities of this project is that it had inherited the ambitions of a prior cohousing project by the name of “Diapason project”. It originally scheduled 14 homes, a common studio and shops. This first project did not use up all the floor area ratio given by the local masterplan... or the potential for the architects to provide supplementary homes in the final project. The lot is well known to Parisians, especially those prone to stroll beside the Ourcq canal. A few hundred meters before the Parc de la Villette, on the quay de Marne, it overlooks the water and slides between the streets of the Meurthe and the Ourcq on each side of which it draws a triangle. Amplifying its singularity, this plot is served by an upper level of rue de l’Ourcq, at the opening of a pedestrian bridge over the canal, while it leans down to street level in rue de Meurthe. Finally it offers the rare opportunity to Paris, to develop an autonomous building without adjoining or neighboring properties, and generate both a garden to the south and exceptional views to the north. View more View full description
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