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Made from a combination of tangled and woven red wool, Brazilian artist Tatiana Blass’ installation, “Penelope,” flows inside and out of the Chapel of Morumbi in São Paulo, Brazil.  The installation was inspired by the Greek myth of Penelope, who was Odysseus’ wife in Homer’s Odyssey. In the story, Penelope weaves and destroys a burial shroud for her husband, in a tribute to the power of love and to weaving.  At the altar of the church, a large pedal-loom is attached to a 45-foot red carpet that extends to the courtyard, representing power and nobility. From the other side of the loom, a matrix of tangled red wool burgeons outwards, and through the walls of the building, covering the gardens outside. Like with the myth of Penelope, it is unclear whether the carpet is being constructed or unraveled in the building, creating a merging “of the religious with the architectural and the enigmatic.” View more View full description
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