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Located on a 15-acre corporate campus in Silicon Valley, the Moffett Gateway Club is a vertically-elevated recreation and activity center. The Club fronts the campus’ central green space and is integrated into a three-story parking structure. Positioned between the two office towers, the front facade creates a focal point for the campus, defines the edge of the ground-level greenspace, and screens the parking structure. The facade’s curvilinear form and materials — blue-tinted glass and grey metal panels — relates the Club to the office towers on campus. An open glass stairwell and a cylindrical elevator shaft connects the three-stories while a deep, semi-translucent canopy unifies the building and external vertical circulation.  The elevated location lifts tech employees and visitors above the adjacent sub-urban office parks and their plethora of surface parking. Raised thirty-feet, users enjoy much improved views of tree-tops and mountain ranges off in the distance. Thirteen-foot ceilings and full-height windows make the open-plan fitness space an expansive volume with strong visual connectivity to the garden.  View more View full description
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