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Slovenian architects Enota shared with us  “Lotus Towers”, a 64,100 m2 housing project in Ljubljana, for which they received second prize in an invited competition. More images and architect’s description after the break. The carrying quality of the building site is no doubt the new city park. As it is evident from related cases around the world, apartment buildings in this type of location with apartments overlooking the park are especially wanted, since the park greatly increases the quality of living by creating a mild microclimate. Thus building is not divided into primary and secondary apartments but they all have a direct view of the park. In order to achieve the uninterrupted view of the park, the apartments were laid out in the split lamella, that is 60 meters high, which is the maximum height allowed according to the urban regulations and 15 meters wide, which is the maximum depth that allows good lighting for the double-sided oriented apartments. Splitting the lamella in two parts allows sunlight that falls to resident’s wellness area placed on the roof of public program volume, to be equally distributed between the morning and the afternoon. View more View full description
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