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The project España 8477 is generated when searching for a typology for a small-scale vertical housing building, where all users can enjoy a different spatial quality and at an affordable price. The multifamily building that is common in the city is a repetition of a typical plan for 'n' number of levels. Where outdoor spaces are limited to the access corridors or stairs and inside the views are determined by the height of the building. This building has 10 housing units, with a flexible distribution inside, 80 to 90 m2, with 1 and 2-level units due to the composition of the structural design. Two main volumes linked by their circulations are mounted on the exposed metal structure. The variation of the plans generates very large outdoor spaces. Each unit can double the size of the social area when opening sliding doors, creating an indoor-outdoor environment, taking advantage of the best views of the neighborhood, without relying on them. The atmosphere of each unit changes according to their orientation and relationship with their terrace, allowing each one to have a different atmosphere. The gaps between volumes function as light cubes that light up the lower floors, allowing the building to ventilate naturally through all of its facades. View more View full description
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