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13, rue d’Uzès : behind the impressing 19th century industrial front elevation, at the back of a courtyard covered by a glass ceiling made by Eiffel workshop, the brand new head office of Talent.IO pops up from the 3rd floor thanks to the lightened brand name appearing behind floor to ceiling windows. The architectural concept chosen for this rehabilitation was to find back the original beauty of the building that has been masked and altered by successive works for a century and a half. Demolitions, cleaning, scouring pickling have revealed a wooden floor, original Eiffel-style walls and structure, freeing this big floor with a generous volume: high ceilings, 500 sq.meters without walls. In order to respect the raw industrial spirit of the place, technical networks have been left apparent on purpose, and lights are industrial tubular devices. The paintings are purposely remaining incomplete to create a contrast and highlight zones that have been left raw. View more View full description
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