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This u-shaped home surrounds an inner courtyard containing a holly osmanthus that has been cherished for many generations. It is designed to allow the tree to be viewed from any part of the house including the living room, dining room, the front entrance, and Japanese-style room.  The Japanese-style tatami room is planned to be used as a guest room. While it follows certain traditional aspects such as the sizes of the wood used and vertical length of the entranceway, by using as few parts as possible to keep the appearance simple, the aim is for one’s gaze to naturally be drawn to the greenery beyond the window to the right of the tokonoma (alcove). To maintain a dignified look, electronic equipment is functional yet kept discreet by integrating it into the architecture. The living area is designed for the family’s daily activities. It is created with finishing and details that give a sense of “softness” to accommodate the everyday life. The vicinity around the open ceiling is designed to be the gathering area for the family to relax, play, cook and dine in. The screen used for watching movies for fun was successfully and sleekly concealed by using a combination of wood and steel.  View more View full description
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