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The 1960 stone versions of Savi – Costante Uomo (Sages – Constant Man) return to the place where Fausto Melotti evoked them for the first time in 1936. Sheltered by a pavilion inspired by Leonardo’s coloured shadows in the interweaving branches of the Sala delle Asse in the castle, they call upon us to witness a silent dispute about the “after”: about the contemporary that measures up to what already exists. A dispute, in the form of images, on the patterns of transformation intra, super, sub, and apud to verify Klee’s theory: when bodies touch each other, a certain thirst for adventure arises; if it does not, they must keep at a distance, and the distance should remain harmonious. Milan and architecture invite visitors into an intriguing adventure After. Because architecture in Milan is contagious. But the contagion does not bring disease – just a pleasant euphoria. View more View full description
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