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According to an ambitious plan, the Jinshan Modern Agricultural Park, located on the southwestern outskirts of Shanghai, is being transformed into a suburban park with composite functions. Enhancement of the public space in the core area of the park is the pilot project for initiating this transformation. In the conception of design, the veranda, an essential element in traditional Chinese gardening, has been selected as the theme of the design. In the park, a veranda extending in the east–west direction links up several isolated agricultural tourism projects on the north side of the freeway. This veranda will be expanded farther westward and will pass through the eastern landscape mound to be integrated with other tourism projects towards the south via a pedestrian bridge. The landscape mound on the south side of the veranda will isolate the park from the noise and sight of the freeway, and the freeway-facing side of the park, together with the veranda, will form an extended earthscape, thereby ensuring high identifiability along the freeway line. View more View full description
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