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GC house is located in the surrounding valleys of Quito, Ecuador. The site in which the house was designed is quite big, regular in size and with a slight inclination. Its perimeter is full of trees that we were able to preserve. Quito sits on a narrow valley between 2800 and 3000 meters above sea level making it have low temperatures despite being in Ecuador.  Its surrounding valleys are much lower in altitude, around 2400 meters above sea level, which makes them have a warmer, much pleasant temperature.  The house was purposely designed and oriented north-south, opening up towards the southern side, protecting it from the sun on its eastern and western sides because the sun is particularly strong as the site sits high in altitude and is located near the equator. The north façade is very solid as the surrounding neighborhood does not have any fences.  In contrast, the south façade is very open, incorporating the house with its lawn. View more View full description
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