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This housing project for family of four adults. Family need four private rooms and small shared space (living, ding and kitchen), because they are different time zone of life. However, I think do not want to plan such as closed each private rooms. I think put the gradations to the distance of the private rooms. So, I created this housing It's like "minimum apartments". For that purpose, It needs to be shared "space elements" such as Engawa and Loft. (Engawa is traditional open shared space in japan, It's like balcony). There are floor of different heights across the inside and outside of the private rooms. And, It's  Important to be able to control the relationship look/seen visual for the gradations. So, many windows lined as somewhere in the city landscape. Main wood materials that are used in this house, It is "Nishikawa-zai". Nishikawa-zai means material that carried in the river from the west of the Edo (old Tokyo). This area is famous as a producer of good material nearest from Edo. Hanno city to be built of this house, there are center of Nishikawa area. View more View full description
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