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The building dates from the early twentieth century and is listed due to its historical and artistic heritage value by the INBA, the INAH and SEDUVI. It was originally intended to house multiple dwellings but in its long life has sheltered from the headquarters for the United Mexican Booksellers to a pastry shop. All that previous experience is precisely what gives it a particular personality and makes its interior space unique. As happens with a real individual, the building acquires its character through its experiences, almost empirically, and hence its distinguishing marks, scars, wrinkles, which in this project will not be erased or cleared, but will form part of the expression when acquiring a new use, one more chapter in its rich life. The context in which the site is located has suffered many causalities over time. In the early twentieth century it was an area of country houses, but the growth of the city and its proximity to the historic center caused the abandonment of these properties. The massive destruction that the earthquake of 1985 generated in the neighborhoods of the city center, a negative effect on the dynamics of population distribution and the consolidation of historic districts of the urban area. View more View full description
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