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Casa G is a family rest house, with a game room and a terrace to host the owner’s social activities, located in the northwest area of Zapopan, on a 1000m2 land oriented north-south. The land presented an ascending topography and existing adjoining walls. The length of the land allowed to trace a central axis that connected the main spaces of the house and its unevenness originated a perpendicular axis where a retaining wall was raised, generating two clearly defined areas: social on the lower part, and private on the highest part of the land. The social area is accessed through a hall with a curved vault that registers the transition between the exterior and interior, where the image of the stonewall contrasts the modulation logic of the vaults that cover the terrace. Alongside, there is an esplanade that is visually connected by the same wall that extends to a staircase. This space is complemented by a visual focus point generated by a stone fountain with a tree, and the strategic presence of a mast, designed to eventually hold a piñata. View more View full description
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