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BIG Architects has designed an inflatable mobile pavilion to be displayed at three Danish events, including its original site at the Roskilde Festival 2016. Known as SKUM (Danish for foam), the structure met the challenge of creating an installation that has the ability to be both permanent and fully transportable by creating a whimsical, bubble-like form that can be blown up in just 7 minutes. Drawing inspiration from the inflatable castles of the architects’ childhood years, SKUM is powered by two wind turbines, which keep the structure rigid and smooth. At this year’s Roskilde Festival, it served as the VIP bar area for Danish beer company Tuborg, providing a 120 square meter canopy to shield festival goers from the sun. After sunset, the structure comes to life, as color-changing LED lights illuminate the pavilion in a full palette of colors. View more View full description
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