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A building included inside the town The facade on the boulevard represents a major turning point although it remains integrated in the existing templates. The facility exposes itself as a symbol of renewal, at the same time respecting the balance of the urban context that surrounds it. A building opened over the town. The copper woven mesh opens like a curtain over the city. It unfolds like a filter in front of a fully glazed façade. It shows off the facility while protecting it. The underlying play of transparency and light varies depending on the time of day and school schedules. The life of the building reflects and is integrated in the lively downtown. A full light buildingArtistic activities require natural high-quality light. Light without dazzle requires a detailed and specific approach in each direction. The gardens and patios are outstanding pieces of work, which allow soft light to radiate - in depth - within the entire building. All workshops benefit from a full front natural light. View more View full description
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